Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On becoming a grandpa

This is the message I received when Bob learned that I was pregnant with Noah.

September 13, 2009

To: Heather
From: Bob

CONGRATULATIONS........... AM GOING TO BE A GRANDPA AGAIN......yayyyyyyy.  I am very glad to hear the news.

When we were there I felt like you had something on your mind and it is a relief to hear it is good news.  I was starting to conjure up all kinds of possible scenario's about what you were thinking about and most of them bad.  I did tell Vicki though that I thought you might be pregnant and possibly that was a worry because of your business.

Congratulations to you and Peter again.  I have some pics to put on facebook of Jude and Anita when I figure out how to locate them on the computer. 

Big hugs and kissses to Jude!

Love ya,



  1. i'm so sorry to hear about bob's passing. he was a great friend and ill miss him. i met him online and we spent so much time talking and getting to know each other over the years...my sympathy to all his family